Setia Pearl Island comprises of 6 Isles, each with it's individual style & theme. Here's a quick glance at what Setia Pearl Island is all about...
  • The Isle of Life
    - 3 Storey Modern Tropical Homes

    The nature-inspired architecture and landscapes of Isle of Life are specially designed for tranquil living in a harmonious environment.

  • The Isle of Aroma
    - 3 Storey Modern Tropical Homes

    Filled with breathtaking sights of lushful trees & blooming aromatic flowers with aromatic element with windblown sound of rustling leaves.

  • The Isle of Palm
    - Semi-detached Show Village

    A paradise of extraordinary natural beauty. An ideal place for relaxation, recreation and nature lover.
  • The Isle of Conifers
    - 3 Storey Modern Tropical Homes
    - Semi-detached Modern Homes

    Overlooking a meadow of coniferous trees or shrubs of pines, spruces and firs covering the natural landscape.

  • The Isle of Discovery
    - Future Development

  • The Isle of Views
    - Future Development