S P Setia Foundation

Established by S P Setia Berhad as the vehicle for fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, the S P Setia Foundation has been lending a helping hand to underprivileged Malaysians since 2000. Since its inception, the Foundation has made an indelible impact on the society, focused on implementing meaningful, long-term projects while proactively respond to emergencies when aid is needed.

The Foundation’s primary activities are centred on education where it strongly believes is the key to the future of our children. In early 2015, the Foundation launched its Setia Caring School Programme which aims at cultivating and promoting the idea of a “caring” society among school students, teachers and parents of underperforming schools. The programme also seeks to instil good human virtues, strong moral values and a sense of nationalism among the future leaders of our nation.

The Foundation is also committed to promoting integration and national unity through various initiatives. In this regard, the S P Setia Foundation undertakes numerous welfare activities to reach out to the nation’s multi-racial communities in times of need.

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Spreading love

Creating magical moments

Suriati Ahmad
Setia Indah Sdn Bhd
“At S P Setia Foundation, I can contribute my energy, explore my creativity, take on more responsibility, and most importantly, share smiles among those who are related to the Foundation’s projects and activities. I am glad to be a Setia Volunteer.”

Changing lives

Jennifer Yan
Group MIS
“I love to be part of the volunteering activities as it is meaningful and it helps the community. It is a great learning experience, and I honestly feel like I’ve gained more than what I’ve contributed. It is indeed a life changing experience that taught me about hospitality, courage & appreciation.”
Nambee Ashvin Nambiar
S P Setia Foundation
“I consider volunteering as a civic responsibility to my country. Whilst empowering communities, using my skills to benefit others has mirrored various positives in my personal growth, extended networking and especially a sense of recognition which continues to drive me to give back by being an inspiration to others.”
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Together we create magical moments, BECAUSE WE CARE