Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be THE BEST in all we do

Our Mission

1. To provide superior customer service and satisfy customer needs through a culture of excellence

2. To enhance shareholder's value

3. To be a caring and responsible employer

4. To be mindful of our social responsibilities

Our Values

1. I build life-long relationships with my customers

2. I am responsive to the expressed and unexpressed needs of my customers

3. I create magical moments at every opportunity

4. I embrace integrity and protect the privacy of my customers and the company's confidential information

5. I understand my role and responsibility in achieving SETIA's success

6. I have the opportunity to learn and grow

7. I perform my work professionally and with continuous improvement

8. I am responsible for ensuring a safe and clean environment

9. I support and respect my fellow team members

10. We are TEAM SETIA