S P Setia’s corporate responsibility charter of “Building Sustainable Communities for All” embraces everything S P Setia does, as reflected in the acronym ECO which stands for Environment, Community and Organisation.

In every Setia development, greenery and public spaces are abundant, with importance given to providing sustainable infrastructures for our communities. Our endeavour to meet international benchmarks for green architecture and sustainable developments has gained recognition from industry authorities as reflected in the various green awards it has garnered over the years.

S P Setia has an enviable track record of incorporating sustainability into our developments in line with our corporate responsibility charter. Townships like Setia Eco Garden in Johor Bahru and Setia Alam in the Klang Valley, as well as Setia City Mall which were planned and built to meet sustainability criteria, have been awarded the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence.

To highlight a few notable sustainability efforts by S P Setia, Setia Eco Glades is designed in such a way that it will help towards minimising the effects of global warming. To date, a total of 2,000 grown trees and 3,000 saplings have been successfully transplanted, making it possibly the world’s largest transplanting and rehabilitation task undertaken by a property developer. Approximately 160 tons of CO2 is reduced annually due to this effort. On the other hand, Setia EcoHill is master-planned and built with myriad of opportunities for residents to lower their energy consumption, complete with a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, ensuring that facilities are within walking distance, and building energy-saving houses with solar power or renewable energy capabilities. On top of that, Setia EcoHill has made provisions for a commercial centre as well as a farmer’s market to provide opportunities for nearby organic farms and market gardens to sell their produce directly to the residents, truly ensuring a sustainable lifestyle.