01.   Step to Owning a Home
02.   Private Sector Loan Application
03.   Government Loan Applicants
04.   EPF Withdrawal Procedure
05.   Payment Procedure
06.   Handing Over of Vacant Possession
07.   Joint Inspection
08.   Your Rights as a Purchaser

You must be a member of EPF.

Your entitlement would be 30% of balance available in Purchaser's EPF account II or the difference between the purchase price and loan amount (whichever is lower).

  • Submission of EPF withdrawal form together with the original copy of the Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Photocopy of your IC
  • A copy of the letter of loan approval from your end-financier
Note: The original Sale and Purchase Agreement, Letter of Loan approval from your end-financier and your original I/C have to be sighted by the EPF officials.
Mode of Payment
The payment will be released directly to the member within a period of three to four weeks from date of submission. For more information, please refer to EPF website at www.kwsp.gov.my.