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                                                                                Corporate Governance Statement

              8.3   Effective Communication and Proactive Engagement

                   The Company values the importance of having effective communication with its shareholders and investors.

                   Information disseminated is clear, relevant and comprehensive, and is timely and readily accessible by all stakeholders. Effective
                   communication channels with the Company’s shareholders, stakeholders and the public are maintained through the dissemination
                   of press releases, press conferences, timely announcements and disclosures made to Bursa Securities.

                   The Company’s Investor Relations Department plays an important role in providing ongoing updates on the Group’s development
                   activities and conducting regular dialogues and discussions with fund managers, financial analysts, shareholders and media.
                   These meetings provide a vital avenue and direct channel of communication where financial analysts and institutional fund
                   managers can gain a better understanding of the businesses and direction of the Group; enter into constructive dialogues and
                   discussions based on the mutual understanding of objectives; and where relevant feedback is factored into the Company’s
                   business decisions. Media are also invited to attend the Company’s major events and property launches where briefings are
                   given on the relevant projects. Currently, the Company is covered by 18 local and foreign research houses and brokerages. The
                   Company will continue to participate in investor conferences/roadshows locally and abroad.

                   A press conference is held after each AGM. In 2016, a press conference was held after the conclusion of the 41st AGM of the
                   Company where the Chairman, President and CEO, Deputy President and COO and CFO together with the relevant Senior
                   Management advised the media on the resolutions approved by the shareholders and briefed the media on the operations,
                   performance and financial results of the Group for the year under review and clarified issues and answered questions posed
                   by the media. As such, the press conferences are intended not only to promote the dissemination of the financial results of the
                   Group to as wide an audience as possible, but also to keep the investing public and shareholders updated on the progress and
                   development of the business of the Group.

                   Any queries or concerns relating to the Group may be conveyed to the following persons:

                   (i)   Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Bin Senin
                       Senior INED

                   (ii)   Ms Lee Wai Ngan
                       Company Secretary
                       T: 03-2161 5466
                       F: 03-2163 6968


          This Statement is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors dated 2 March 2017.
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