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          Corporate Governance Statement

              7.1   Corporate Disclosure Policy

                   The Company is committed to ensuring that all information such as corporate announcements, circulars to shareholders and
                   financial results are disseminated to the general public in a timely and accurate manner.

                   The Company’s quarterly interim and full year audited financial results are released within two (2) months from the end of each
                   quarter/financial year and the Annual Report, which remains a key channel of communication, is published within four (4) months
                   after the financial year-end. The Annual Report is not merely a factual statement of financial information and performance of the
                   Group; it provides an insightful interpretation of the Group’s performance, operations, and other matters affecting shareholders’
                   interest. It is hoped that such insights will allow shareholders and investors to make more informed investment decisions based
                   not only on past performance but also the future direction of the Group.
              7.2   Leverage on Information Technology for Effective Dissemination of Information

                   The Group maintains a website which serves as a forum for the general public to access information on the latest developments.
                   Corporate presentations, annual reports, corporate announcements and financial information utilised during analyst and fund
                   manager briefings are also available on the Group’s website.


              8.1   Encourage Shareholder Participation at General Meetings

                   The Company’s AGM and Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) remain the principal forum for dialogue and communication
                   with shareholders, in particular private investors. Shareholders are encouraged to attend each AGM and EGM and given sufficient
                   time and opportunity to participate in the proceedings, ask questions about the resolutions being proposed and the operations
                   of the Group, and communicate their expectations and possible concerns. Presentations will also be given by the President and
                   CEO to brief shareholders on project updates or proposals for which the approval of shareholders is being sought. All Board
                   members, Senior Management and the Group’s external auditors as well as the Company’s adviser are available to respond to
                   shareholders’ questions during the AGM/EGM as the case may be.

                   During the 41st AGM of the Company and EGM held on 21 October 2016, shareholders were encouraged to raise questions they
                   had and the questions were duly answered by the Board.

              8.2  Poll Voting

                   In accordance with the Company’s Constitution, voting at general meetings will be conducted by show of hands or by poll if so
                   demanded by the shareholders or Chairman of the meeting. Poll voting would be carried out for resolutions involving related
                   party transactions as required by the Listing Requirements.

                   At the commencement of the 41st AGM of the Company held on 18 May 2016, the Chairman briefed the members, corporate
                   representatives and proxies who were present of their rights to speak and to demand a poll on resolutions set out in the Notice
                   of 41st AGM dated 26 April 2016. Resolutions set out in the Notice of the 41st AGM were voted by show of hands.

                   In compliance with Paragraph 8.29A of the Listing Requirements which applied to the Company’s general meetings held on or
                   after 1 July 2016, the resolutions set out in the Notice of the EGM dated 29 September 2016 were voted on a poll on a declaration
                   by the Chairman of the EGM. The votes were validated by an independent scrutineer prior to the announcement of the poll
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