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             Team Setia attending an in-house training programme

         Employee Training                                       programme a month later, which entails a site tour to our award-
                                                                 winning properties. The programme is also complemented
         Employee development is a high priority for us, and the Group   with an e-learning module covering Product Training, Code of
         invests about 2% of its salary budget on employee training.   Conduct and SOPs. As at 2016, 98% of new employees completed
         For  2016,  a  total  of  RM2,780,978  was  spent  for  training.  Team   the onboarding programme. The remaining 2% were employees
         Setia is encouraged to attend training sessions as part of their   who re-joined the Company and personal drivers.
         KPIs. Training programmes range from soft skills and role-
         specific training to technical skills and leadership development.   In-House Training Programme
         Employees can select programmes they wish to attend after
         discussion with their supervisor and in accordance  with  their   The in-house training programme consists of modules that support
         career development plan.                                our internal training to help our employees develop the necessary
                                                                 competencies for their personal and professional development.
         The Company’s human resources initiatives also take into account   The competency training programmes are divided into levels and
         the  importance  of growing  internationally  savvy talents and   content and each programme is tailored to specific objectives.
         future leaders of the Company and strengthening competencies   They cover areas such as soft skills, technical skills, English
         such as strategic thinking. We offer competency-based training   proficiency, information technology and finance. In 2016, over
         programmes that enable our people to acquire the necessary skill   70 different training programmes were offered and more than
         sets for their personal and professional development. In 2016 we   200 training sessions were organised.
         offered the following training programmes and initiatives:
                                                                 Public Training Programme
         Onboarding Programme
                                                                 For specific qualifications and niche training needs that are not
         All new employees are put through a two-day induction   covered by the in-house training programme, employees are
         programme in their first week at the Company. The two-day   encouraged to attend external seminars and conferences which
         programme covers Company history, branding, products and staff   expose them to the latest knowledge in their field.
         benefits. They take part in the second portion of the onboarding
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