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         Career Talks and Career Fairs

         S P Setia conducts career talks at universities and participates in career fairs targeted at both
         the general public and university students. These events are important for both the students
         and ourselves as we are able to meet new potential recruits while students will be able to
         assess their career opportunities after graduation. We took part in 14 events in 2016.

         Diversity and Equal Opportunity

         We aspire to be an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity, differences in values and
         supports  the  participation  of  all  employees.  We  strive  for  gender  equality  and  believe  all
         employees should have access to the same rewards, resources and opportunities. Currently,
         about 42% of our employees are women.

          DESCRIPTION                                 FY2016 DATA   FY2015 DATA

          Women in Employment                          Total: 771     Total: 752
                                                        (42.3%)        (41.9%)

          Senior Management                              31.9%         25.8%
          Middle Management                              46.9%         45.3%
          Junior Management                              70.1%         71.1%
          Technical                                      7.6%           6.7%
          Non-Executive                                  37.5%         37.6%              Staff having a break at Hotspot

          Our workplaces have also been equipped to cater to a diverse employee base. For example,
          all employees at Setia  Corporate HQ are provided amenities such as a nursing room,
          designated parking lots for expectant mothers, a fully equipped gym and a learning centre.

         About  60%  of  our  workforce  is  classified
         as “Generation Y”. To make the working
         environment more appealing to our young
         colleagues, we introduced a new office
         recreational space, the Hotspot, at S P Setia
         HQ. The colourful space with comfortable
         lighting gives employees a place to relax
         between tasks and connect with their
         colleagues. One of the attractions of the
         Hotspot is the mini sports corner with table
         tennis, a dart board and pool table as well as
         music equipment.

         The Good Morning Setia (“GMS”) programme
         started  in  2012  and  functions  as a  team
         communication  platform  to  fully  embed
         the Setia Vision, Values and Three Steps
         of Service on a daily basis. The platform is
         also used to share industry updates, Setia’s
         progress and other news with all employees.
         GMS is designed to inspire and reinforce our
         work culture based on S P Setia’s corporate
         values.                                  Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Mohd Zahid (Chairman) and Dato’ Khor Chap Jen (CEO) enjoying a
                                                  game of ping pong at Hotspot
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