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          Employee Engagement                                    Talent Acquisition

          We take pride in our continuous investment in Team Setia, without   S P Setia implements both internal and external talent acquisition
          whom we would not be able to generate our outstanding products.   strategies. As part of our internal strategy, we identify and nurture
          Employee engagement is of utmost importance to us, and we use   existing S P Setia talents with high leadership potential and groom
          multiple approaches to engage with our staff to address the different   them as part of our succession plan. In 2016, we promoted 293 (16%)
          developmental needs of our multigenerational workforce, one of   employees.
          which is our annual People Pulse Survey. We benchmark ourselves
          against other leading organisations and this entails inviting external   For our external recruitment, we work closely with international and
          leaders from different industries to share their experiences and best   local universities through career fairs and career talks, and leverage
          practices. In 2016, two CEO Dialogue sessions were conducted at all   on social media platforms as a networking tool. Our Employee
          locations. The sessions gave employees the opportunity to interact   Referral Programme incentivises employees who successfully refer
          directly with Top Management.                          new talents to the organisation. The programme is part of our
                                                                 Employer Branding strategy, as we recognise that employees are our
                                                                 best brand ambassadors.

          NEW HIRES                                                           FY2016 DATA            FY2015 DATA
          Total New Hires                                                      Target: 196           Target: 206
                                                                               Total: 190             Total: 255
                                                               Female (%)      88 (46.3%)             113 (44.3%)
                                                                 Male (%)      102 (53.7%)            142 (55.7%)
          Age Group
                                                                    <30         5 (2.6%)               7 (2.8%)
                                                                  30-40        23 (12.1%)             35 (13.7%)
                                                                  40-50        115 (60.5%)            187 (73.3%)
                                                                    >50        47 (24.8%)             26 (10.2%)
                                                                 Central       155 (81.6%)           208 (81.6%)
                                                                  North         10 (5.3%)             15 (5.9%)
                                                                  South         15 (7.9%)              13 (5.1%)
                                                                    East        6 (3.1%)               11 (4.3%)
                                                             International      4 (2.1%)               8 (3.1%)

          LinkedIn Partnership

          We formed a partnership with LinkedIn in 2016 to further support our recruitment and branding strategies. LinkedIn is a digital platform
          focused on connecting professionals, and exposes our brand to a wider range of like-minded and interested parties.


          We employ an average of 50 interns each year from various universities and faculties as part of our commitment to provide undergraduates
          with practical experience and to identify new talent for our organisation. In 2016, we took in 55 interns, each of whom was assigned a mentor.
          The performance of the intern is evaluated and identified talents are recommended for future hiring needs.
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