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                                     Team Setia


                S P Setia prides itself on being a nurturing                                               “

            organisation that provides career development                               To achieve our goal
            opportunities as well as competitive benefits to                                of consistently

          our dedicated staff, Team Setia. S P Setia is a place                                meeting our
             where talents are groomed and achievements                                   customers’ needs

                              credited to the team.
                                                                                               by providing

          To achieve our goal of consistently meeting our customers’ needs by providing exceptional   customer service
          customer service and product quality, we instil a culture of excellence by promoting a
          commitment to quality, teamwork and professionalism among our employees.
                                                                                       and product quality,
          In line with our             philosophy, S P Setia has instituted initiatives that   we instil a culture
          encourage staff to lead a balanced lifestyle. In 2016, we officially adopted a flexible work
          arrangement enabling employees to live, learn, work and play better.                of excellence

          S P Setia emerged as the Aon Hewitt Best Employers-Malaysia 2016 winner and received   by promoting a
          special recognition for its “Commitment to Engagement”.
                                                                                           commitment to
          The Group places high importance on human resource planning and development for
          succession planning. Our management succession plan, approved by the Board, ensures the   quality, teamwork
          smooth transition of new management personnel to secure the continued success of the Group.
                                                                                       and professionalism
                                                                                                 among our
             DESCRIPTION                  FY2016 DATA         FY2015 DATA
                                    Employee Breakdown
             Total Number                     1,824               1,794                                    ”
                               Female      771 (42.3%)         752 (41.9%)
                                 Male      1,053 (57.7%)       1,042 (58.1%)
                                            Total: 157          Total: 243
                               Female       69 (43.9%)          98 (40.3%)
                                 Male       88 (56.1%)         145 (59.7%)
                               Central      1,375 (75%)        1,343 (74.9%)
                                North        101 (6%)           96 (5.3%)
                                South       252 (14%)          258 (14.4%)
                                  East       40 (2%)            37 (2.1%)
                           International     56 (3%)            60 (3.3%)
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