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                                              Cultivation of fruit trees           Preserving resident aqua-life

                                              We have planted a wide range of fruit   In consultation with the Malaysian Zoological
                                              trees that provide food and habitat for   Society, 27 species of freshwater fish were
                                              birds and other fauna in our eco-themed   identified at the wetlands of Setia Eco
                                              development projects to encourage their   Glades. Following the recommendations
                                              return and to ensure the existing eco-  of the society, the fish were hand-gathered
                                              systems are maintained. In consultation   during the earthwork stage of construction
                                              with Cyber Plant Conservation (“CPCNet”)   and released into an on-site pond. Similar
                                              - a community programme dedicated to   work was conducted at Setia Eco Park with
                                              preserving Malaysia’s rare and diverse fruit   the Fisheries Department. The presence of
                                              tree species for future generations - we have   local fish has encouraged birds to nest in the
                                              also planted indigenous fruit trees including   area.
                                              heritage species such as Macang.
                                                                                   Protecting butterflies
                                              Preserving resident birds
                                                                                   The Penang Butterfly Farm carried out a
                                              In collaboration with the Malaysian Nature   site survey on resident species of butterflies
                                              Society, 72 species of birds were identified   at Setia Eco Glades. Nectar plants were
                                              in the wetlands habitat. Fruit-bearing trees   cultivated at landscape gardens to provide
                                              were planted to attract birds, and this has   a food source to the butterfly population
                                              proven to be successful with birds having   that were relocated to the site with the help
                                              been spotted returning to Setia Eco Glades.   of the Penang Butterfly Farm. A breeding
          A staff hugging a transplanted mature tree
                                              A similar project was executed at Setia Eco   environment for butterflies has also been
                                              Park in collaboration with the KL Bird Park.   created at Setia Eco Park.

                                              Tracking Our Environmental Impact

                                              S P Setia recently started tracking the consumption of our internal processes, and the data
                                              for 2016 will serve as a baseline for future benchmarking purposes. We are committed
                                              to reducing our consumption of water and electricity. A number of initiatives have been
                                              identified in 2017 towards this end.

                                              Electricity and Water Consumption for S P Setia HQ:

                                                                        S P Setia Headquarters

                                                                 ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION FOR 2016
                                                                       (KILOWATT HOUR, kWh)

                                                                   WATER CONSUMPTION FOR 2016
                                                                          (CUBIC METER, m )

                                              In addition to our on-site and corporate initiatives, we also promote the development of
          Transplanted mature tree at project site
                                              environmental awareness among our employees through various initiatives and encourage
                                              Team Setia to adopt environmentally friendly working methods.
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