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          S P Setia Berhad Corporate HQ

          In 2016, S P Setia Berhad Corporate HQ garnered the Group’s seventh
          international FIABCI (the International Real Estate Federation) Prix
          d’Excellence with a Gold award in the Sustainable Development
          category. It is also the first private sector-owned office building in
          Malaysia to be awarded Platinum certification by the Green Building
          Index. Other awards include:

          •   GreenRE - Platinum Certification
          •   FIABCI Malaysia Property Award 2015 - Best Sustainable
          •   MyCrest - 5 star rating for Design and Construction
          •   QLASSIC Excellence Award 2014

          Environmentally  friendly  construction  materials  certified  by  the
                                                                     Tree transplanting with all roots intact
          MGBC and the Green Building Council of Singapore were used
          where possible during the construction of the building.

          As  Malaysia’s  first  private  sector-owned  Platinum-certified  green   Environmentally friendly
          office building, it not only meets the Group’s corporate office
          building requirements but also demonstrates our commitment to   construction materials certified
          sustainable development and provides a healthy, conducive and
          sustainable workplace for Management and staff in line with our   by the MGBC and the Green Building
                         philosophy. Some of the green building features
          include:                                                  Council of Singapore were used where
                                                                    possible during the construction of
          •   Green vehicle parking bays
          •   Secure bicycle parking bays and shower facilities to encourage   the building.
              staff living in the township to cycle to work
          •   Photo sensors installed in day-lit areas at the building perimeter
              to switch off artificial lighting when there is sufficient natural   Managing Biodiversity
          •   Motion sensors installed at work stations and non-essential or   As property developers, we recognise that some of our activities
              less frequented spaces such as filing rooms, pantries, corridors,   involve the clearing of natural flora and fauna in preparation for
              stores and meeting rooms to reduce energy consumption  construction and development. In our efforts to mitigate our impact
          •   Turfing of more than 25% of the total roof area. This   on the environment, we have initiated several projects to preserve
              significantly reduces heat gain while providing pleasant views   biodiversity and educate the public on the importance of nature
              for neighbouring buildings                         conservation. Our aim is to create a sustainable ecosystem and
          •   A raised floor system that creates a plenum space for underfloor   protect the natural beauty while providing the community with a
              distribution of building services like air-conditioning, power   wholesome and serene environment.
              and data cabling, etc. The advantages of this system include a
              more efficient air-conditioning system; easier maintenance of   Protecting Nature
              cabling system; and a more flexible office layout
          •   A rainwater harvesting system that reduces the total potable   Tree transplanting at our eco-themed development projects
              water consumption. This system efficiently collects rain that
              falls on the roof of the building for use in landscape irrigation   We aim to save and re-locate as many trees as possible when
              and toilet flushing.                               developing our project sites. We have identified and re-located
                                                                 numerous existing mature trees from a wide range of tree species
                                                                 at our eco-themed development projects. Special machinery
                                                                 such as the “Big John Tree Transplanter” was used to carry out the
                                                                 transplanting works. The transplantation of trees by this method
                                                                 has a higher survival rate, as compared to conventional manual tree
                                                                 transplantation methods.
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