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                Sustainability has been a key factor contributing to the longevity of

              S P Setia from the very beginning. The Group’s mission, vision and core
            values enable a platform to cultivate sustainability, and operate alongside

             our philosophy,                              , which encapsulates our goal to create
                       outstanding properties that enrich lives and communities.

          In 2016, the Group decided to formalise its sustainability reporting practice and incorporated a sustainability statement in our Annual Report.
          This statement focuses on the sustainability practices of the Group, highlighting the economic, environmental, and social (“EES”) impacts of the
          Group’s activities and initiatives.
          Through this statement, the Group demonstrates our commitment to integrating sustainability practices across all facets of its business.
          The statement was prepared pursuant to paragraph 9.45(2) of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”) Main Market Listing
          Requirements (“Main LR”) and guided by the Sustainability Reporting Guide issued by Bursa Securities. The scope of this statement covers
          S P Setia’s operations in Malaysia for the financial year under review.

          Sustainability Governance Structure

          The Group believes that commitment to good corporate governance
          is essential to the sustainability of our business and performance.                  Board
          The Group upholds high standards of corporate governance to                            of
          safeguard shareholders’ interests. We utilise effective governance                  Directors
          frameworks to enhance our business resilience and agility.  Board Level
                                                                                          Risk Management
          S P Setia’s sustainability management comes under the purview of                Committee (“RMC”)
          our Management Risk Team (“MRT”), comprising members from
          the Group’s Top Management. It is supported by our Business                Management Risk Team (“MRT”)
          and Support Units, which ensure the Group’s continued progress
          and improvement in the areas of EES activities. In addition to
                                                                    Level                Business Units (“BU”s)
          project operational risks, the Management Risk Team deliberates
          on matters relating to material, economic, environmental and
          social risks as well as opportunities with the Business Units on
          a quarterly basis. The MRT keeps the Board abreast of matters
          relating to key risks.

          The S P Setia Foundation is the corporate social responsibility arm
          of the Company implementing initiatives focused on education   Board Level        Trustees
          and helping the less fortunate. The Foundation is guided by the
          Management Committee comprising the Chief Executive Officer
          (“CEO”), Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) and Chief Financial
          Officer (“CFO”). The Board of Trustees determines the overall                   Management
          direction for the Foundation’s activities and initiatives.

          For detailed disclosure on our corporate governance framework and   Working Level
          practices, please refer to the Corporate Governance Statement on
          page 68 of this Annual Report.          For more information.                S P Setia Foundation
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