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          Directors’ Profiles

                                                                                                Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
                                                                                                Degree in Economics,
                                                                                                University of Malaya
                                                                                                Master of Economics,
                                                                                                University of Malaya
                                                                                                Certificate in Economic
                                                                                                Management, IMF Institute,
                                                                                                Washington and the
                                                                                                Kiel Institute for World
                                                                                                Economics, Germany
                                                                                                Certificate in Advanced
             Date of Appointment as                                                             Management Programme,
          Director of S P Setia Berhad:                                                         Adam Smith Institute,
                   29 August 2014                                                               London
                                                DATO’ HALIPAH BINTI ESA

                                               (Non-Independent Non-Executive Director)
                                                   Malaysian, Female, 67 years of age

          Dato’ Halipah Binti Esa is the former Director General of the Economic   Her directorships in other public companies include MISC Berhad,
          Planning Unit (“EPU”) in the Prime Minister’s Department. She started   KLCC Property Holdings Berhad, Malaysia Marine and Heavy
          her career as Assistant Secretary, Administration and Diplomatic   Engineering Holdings Berhad and Cagamas Berhad. She is also a
          Services in 1973 in the EPU. During her tenure in the EPU, she served in   director of several private limited companies.
          various capacities in the areas of infrastructure, water supply, energy,
          health, education, housing, telecommunications, urban services,   She does not have any family relationship with any Director and/
          macro economy, international economy, distribution, human   or major shareholder of S P Setia Berhad except by virtue of being
          resource development, environment and regional development. She   a nominee Director of Permodalan Nasional Berhad. She does not
          held various senior positions in the EPU and retired as the Director   have any conflict of interest with the Company. She has not been
          General in 2006. She had also served in the Ministry of Finance as   convicted of any offences over the past five years and there was no
          Deputy Secretary General.                              public sanction or penalty imposed on her by the relevant regulatory
                                                                 bodies during the financial year.
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