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                                                                              Management Discussion and Analysis

                                                                                      Johor Bahru

          Another one of Setia’s eco-themed
          townships in Johor is Setia Eco Cascadia,
          where 15% of 272 acres of development is
          dedicated to green space. One of the many
          eco-friendly features of Setia Eco Cascadia
          is the linear garden concept, which links
          the rear gardens of all the residences into
          a network of dazzling green parks. In 2016,
          Setia Eco Cascadia’s Metamorphosis Park
          received a Merit Award at the Malaysia
          Landscape Architecture Awards. Also in
          2016, we completed and delivered vacant
          possession for 156 units of properties with a
          GDV of RM146 million in Setia Eco Cascadia
          to our customers.

                                                  Setia Eco Garden, Johor - Townpark
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