Page 221 - S P Setia Annual Report 2016
P. 221

                                                                                 No. of Ordinary
                                                                                 Shares Held
            FORM OF PROXY

            I/We                                               NRIC No./Company No.
                             (Full Name in Block Letters)
                                                               (Full Address)
            being a member/members of S P SETIA BERHAD, hereby appoint
                                                                                  (Full Name in Block Letters)
            NRIC No.                                          of
                                                                                      (Full Address)

            and/or failing him/her,                                   NRIC No.
                                        (Full Name in Block Letters)
                                                             (Full Address)

            or failing him/her, the Chairman of the Meeting as * my/our proxy to attend and vote for * me/us and on * my/our behalf at the Forty
            Second Annual General Meeting of the Company to be held at Function Room 1, Setia City Convention Centre, No. 1, Jalan Setia
            Dagang AG U13/AG, Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan on Thursday, 18 May 2017 at 11.00 a.m. and at any
            adjournment thereof in the manner as indicated below:-

             NO.  RESOLUTION                                                                       FOR      AGAINST
              1.  Approval of Single Tier Final Dividend.
              2.  Re-election of Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Bin Senin.
              3.  Re-election of Dato’ Seri. Ir. Hj. Mohd Noor Bin Yaacob.
              4.  Re-election of Dato’ Zuraidah Binti Atan.
              5.  Approval of Directors’ Fees for the period from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017.
              6.  Re-appointment of Messrs Ernst & Young as the Auditors of the Company and to authorize the
                  Directors to fix their remuneration.
              7.  Payment of Extra Remuneration and Provision of Benefits to Directors of the Company.
              8.  Approval of Proposed Shareholders’ Mandate as specified in Section 2.3.1 of the Circular to
                  Shareholders dated 26 April 2017.
              9.  Approval of Proposed Authority to Allot and Issue New Ordinary Shares under the Company’s
                  Dividend Reinvestment Plan.
              10.  Proposed LTIP Award to Dato’ Khor Chap Jen under the Company’s Long Term Incentive Plan.

            *  Strike out whichever is not applicable

            (Please indicate with an “X” in the spaces above how you wish your votes to be cast. If you do not do so, the proxy will vote or abstain
            from voting at his discretion).

            Dated this _____________ day of ________________________ 2017.
                                                                                     Signature of Member(s) or Common Seal
             1.  A member of the Company shall be entitled to appoint another person as his/her   two (2) proxies in respect of each securities account it holds with ordinary shares
               proxy to exercise all or any of his/her rights to attend, participate, speak and vote   of the Company standing to the credit of the securities account.
               at a meeting of members of the Company.
                                                                   5.  The Form of Proxy, in the case of an individual, shall be signed by the appointor or
             2.  A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting is entitled to appoint not more   his attorney, and in the case of a corporation, either under seal or under the hand
               than two (2) proxies to attend and vote in his/her stead. Where a member appoints   of an officer or attorney duly authorised.
               two (2) proxies, he/she shall specify the proportion of his/her shareholdings to be
               represented by each proxy.                          6.  The Form of Proxy duly completed and signed must be deposited at the Registered
                                                                     Office of the Company at Plaza 138, Suite 18.03, 18th Floor, 138, Jalan Ampang,
             3.  Where a member of the Company is an exempt authorised nominee which holds   50450 Kuala Lumpur not less than 48 hours before the time for holding the
               ordinary shares in the Company for multiple beneficial owners in one (1) securities   meeting or any adjournment thereof.
               account (“omnibus account”), there is no limit to the number of proxies which the
               exempt authorised nominee may appoint in respect of each omnibus account it holds.   7.  Only members whose names appear in the Record of Depositors on 12 May 2017
                                                                     shall be entitled to attend, speak and vote at this meeting or appoint proxy/proxies
             4.  Where a member of the Company is an authorised nominee as defined under the   to attend and/or vote on his/her behalf.
               Securities Industry (Central Depositories) Act, 1991, it may appoint not more than
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