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S P Setia Berhad Group                                                                                199
          Annual Report 2016

                                                                               Notes To The Financial Statements

                                                                                  For The Financial Year Ended 31 December 2016

          43.   SEGMENTAL ANALYSIS (CONT’D.)
              (c)   Segment by geographical location

                   Revenue and non-current assets other than financial instruments and deferred tax assets, by location of the Group’s operations
                   are analysed as follows:

                                                                                           Non-current assets (other than
                                                                                         financial instruments and deferred
                                                                       Revenue                     tax assets)
                                                                 1.1.2016 to  1.11.2014 to
                                                                 31.12.2016    31.12.2015         2016          2015
                                                                   RM’000         RM’000        RM’000        RM’000

                   Malaysia                                       4,127,820     4,800,538     6,906,720      6,385,031
                   Singapore                                       430,378        681,014          224           351
                   Australia                                       393,617      1,250,787        37,087         2,469
                   Vietnam                                           5,350        14,004        119,114       120,860
                   United Kingdom                                        -             -       1,615,181      996,315
                                                                  4,957,165     6,746,343     8,678,326      7,505,026

              (d)   Information about major customers

                   There is no significant concentration of revenue from any major customers as the Group sells its development properties to
                   individual end purchasers.


              The following status of corporate proposal has been announced by the Group and the Company but not completed as at 31 December
              (i)   On 22 December 2016, S P Setia Berhad, vide its wholly owned subsidiary, Setia Recreation Sdn Bhd, entered into a sale and
                   purchase agreement (“SPA”) with CIMB Islamic Trustee Berhad (acting solely in the capacity as trustee for Boustead Plantations
                   Berhad (“Boustead Plantations”)) in relation to the proposed acquisition of 5 adjoining parcels of freehold land measuring
                   approximately 1,675 acres in Seberang Perai Utara (“Land”) for the purchase consideration of RM620.1 million (or RM8.50
                   per square foot) (“Purchase Consideration”) subject to the terms and conditions of the SPA (“Proposed Acquisition”). The Proposed
                   Acquisition is subject to amongst others the approval from the shareholders of Boustead Plantations. A payment of RM62.0
                   million, being 10% of the Purchase Consideration has been paid thus far.
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