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          In Cyberjaya, we replicated the   Major highways connecting Setia
          success of Setia Eco Park with   Eco Glades include Maju Expressway
          another  successful  eco-themed  (“MEX”), North South Central-Link
          development, namely Setia Eco   (“ELITE”),  Damansara  Puchong
          Glades, which has a total GDV of   Expressway (“LDP”) and SKVE.
          RM2.7 billion. Setia Eco Glades, in its
          own right, is also an award-winning   In  2016,  we  completed  and  handed
          development. It is a Green Township   over a GDV of RM300 million of
          where all homes and facilities are   luxury landed properties in Setia Eco
          Green Building Index (“GBI”) certified.   Glades as promised to our customers.
          It  spans  268  acres  in  Cyberjaya.  In   During the year under review,
          2016, Setia Eco Glades’ Lepironia   our team at Setia Eco Glades also
          Gardens was awarded the Project   contributed sales of RM148 million
          of the Year Award and Excellence   to the Group.
          Award  at  the  Malaysia  Landscape
          Architecture Awards Gala Night.                                    Setia Eco Park, Setia Alam - Aerial View
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