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          Annual Report 2016                                        | Our Achievements and Accolades | Our Sustainability Statement
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                                                                            Management Discussion and Analysis

          Sales By Geographical Location                               Completed Projects
                                          (13%)                                                      (329 units)
                                                                       RM1,638m                             RM8m
                                                                       (190 units)                          (8 units)

                                                       (6%)                              Completed
                            Total Sales
                   RM3,823                                                         6,056 units

                                                       RM321m                   of properties with a total GDV of
                             million                   (8%)
                                                                                        RM7.27 billion

                                                                  (483 units)
                                                                          (61 units)                     RM3,009m
                                                                                                         (3,895 units)
                           RM2,642m                                             RM475m
                           (69%)                                                (1,090 units)

                 Southern Region        International                        Southern Region          Singapore
                 Northern Region        Central Region                       Northern Region          United Kingdom
                 Eastern Region                                              Central Region           Australia
          12 months’ sales in 2015 = RM3,448 million.
          comparison, the reported revenue and PBT   We have proposed  a final dividend for   As  part  of  our  commitment  to  all  our
          for the 12-month period up to 31 October   FY2016 of 16.00 sen which aggregated   stakeholders during the year, we are geared
          2015 were RM5.61 billion and RM1.12 billion   with  the interim  dividend  of  4.00  sen,  will   towards ensuring all our developments
          respectively. The PBT recorded in FY2016   represent a dividend payout ratio of 70.5%   continue to progress as planned and that
          of RM1.18 billion was our best achievement   based on our profit attributable to owners   we continue to deliver on promises made to
          thus far as compared to the latest reported   for FY2016. Shareholders will continue   our purchasers for timely handover of their
          PBT of RM1.12 billion for the 12-month   to have the opportunity to participate in   homes and properties.
          period ended 31 October 2015.       the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRP”)
                                              and receive their dividend in the form of    During the year, we successfully completed
          Our net assets per share attributable to   S P Setia shares, or cash. Indeed, the DRP for   6,056 units of properties with a total GDV of
          owners of our Company increased from   the 14-month financial period (“FPE”) 2015   RM7.27 billion.
          RM2.81 to RM2.83 while net gearing   was well-received by our shareholders with
          improved to 0.16 times in 2016 from   a take-up rate of 94.6%, which is a strong
          0.18 times in 2015. In December 2016,   testament of confidence to our long-term   We achieved total
          we successfully listed the first Islamic   growth.
          Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares                                   sales of RM3.82 billion
          (“RCPS-i”) on Bursa Malaysia Securities   Sustained Execution Momentum
          Berhad, raising approximately RM1.13 billion.                              for the financial year
          This strengthening of the balance sheet   The Group’s key projects include a diversified   (“FY”) ended 2016, which
          allows us to continue our active lookout for   range of product offerings, ranging from
          strategic land banks to grow our presence   townships to integrated as well as niche   exceeded our revised sales
          locally and abroad, particularly in the Klang   developments.
          Valley, Johor Bahru, Australia and Singapore.                              target of RM3.5 billion.
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