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                                                                                Chairman’s Message

                                              Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Mohd
                                              Zahid Bin Mohd Noordin               Dear shareholders,
                                               Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman
                                                                                   This has been yet another year of
                                                                                   excellent achievement for the group,
                                                                                   delivering significantly improved financial
                                                                                   returns, a consistently strong operating
                                                                                   performance and continuing to invest in a
                                                                                   disciplined way to buttress future growth.
                                                                                   We have continued to ensure our portfolio
                                                                                   comprises strategically well located assets
                                                                                   focused around the way people

          Successful property companies today need   Our principal aim is to       Strong Governance
          to have more than just a good investment
          portfolio; they also have to understand the   ensure that Team Setia     Strong corporate governance, underscored
          needs of home owners and the end users.                                  by a sound culture, is fundamental to our
          Toward this end, our vision is predicated   displays a culture of        success and helps to ensure that we can
          on the philosophy of being the best in all                               meet our business goals and generate
          that we do and this has kept us on our toes,   passion that is grounded   value over the longer term. During the year
          and has been to a large extent the reason                                under review, the Board devoted more of
          why our properties have been in such high   in being customer            its time to shore up its own readiness to
          demand. It is to be stated that our social and                           deal with any changes in the market and
          environmental initiatives further reinforce   focused, collaborative     resulting opportunities for the next cycle. It
          the value of our assets, as such activities are                          also addressed the Company’s governance,
          appreciated by our home owners and the   and innovative.                 culture, purpose, vision and values, all of
          communities in which we operate. Our focus                               which  were essential  ingredients  to  the
          on sustainability has been the principal thrust   Our principal aim is to ensure that Team Setia   successful execution of a business strategy
          that underpins our strategy and this year we   displays a culture of passion that is grounded   and risk management. The Board allocated
          refined further our emphasis on sustainability   in being customer focused, collaborative   significant time to succession planning,
          by focusing on well-being, the community,   and innovative. We are cognisant of the   talent development, the diversity agenda,
          operational efficiency and developing skills   fact that it is imperative we get this right as   and ensuring the skills, expertise and
          and opportunities for growth.       this is vital to our ability to make good on   experience required to enable the Company
                                              our promise to deliver quality products. We   to continuously deliver the kind of high
          The market is constantly changing and we   know that when our employees are given   quality products that our customers have
          need to ensure that we keep abreast with   latitude to learn and grow in their roles, it will   come to expect from us.
          and respond appropriately to the emerging   bolster their job satisfaction and thus will be
          trends including urbanisation, and the   more likely to deliver quality job output that   There were no changes to the composition
          transformational impact of technology. Such   ultimately will boost customer satisfaction.   of the Board  during  the  year, and  I  would
          phenomena have a profound effect on the                                  like to thank my fellow Directors for their
          way people live and the way they use real   We  take  a  values-based  approach  continuous support, wisdom and strong
          estate. We have made significant efforts in   when  driving  employee  engagement,  sense of esprit de corps. On behalf of the
          recent years to understand the people who   collaboration, diversity and inclusion. We   Board, I would like to thank the Management
          visit our properties and have repositioned our   provide targeted learning and development   and all our colleagues at Team Setia for
          portfolio to respond effectively to their needs   opportunities  and  continuously  seek  their exceptional commitment to work,
          and to reflect the way the market is changing.  to improve our approach to health and   energy and passion throughout the year,
                                              safety. We invest in capacity building and   and for the sterling results that they have
          Dynamic Team Setia                  appropriate training to attract and retain   produced. Indeed we believe we have an
                                              employees with the skills and passion to   excellent team to steer the Group through
          Team Setia comprises a diverse group of   help transform S P Setia into an industry-  the challenges that lie ahead.
          employees spanning across six countries.  leading property developer.
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