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Annual Report 2014 | S P SETIA BERHAD GROUP | 11




Corporate Governance

78 Corporate Governance Statement 89 Audit Committee Report 93 Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control

Financial Statements

96 Corporate Information 97 Directors’ Report 103 Independent Auditors’ Report 105 Statements of Financial Position 107 Statements of Comprehensive Income 108 Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity 110 Statement of Changes in Equity 111 Statements of Cash Flows 114 Notes to the Financial Statements 213 Supplementary Information on the Disclosure of Realised and Unrealised Retained Profits 214 Statement by Directors 214 Statutory Declaration

Other Information

215 Analysis of Shareholdings 217 List of Material Properties held by the Group 218 Notice of Annual General Meeting 225 Group Directory Proxy Form