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4.2 leverage on information technology

The group maintains a website which serves as a forum for the general public to access information on the latest developments.
Corporate presentations, annual report, corporate announcements and fnancial information utilised during analyst and fund
manager briefngs are also available on the Group’s website.

5.0 shareholDers

5.1 annual General meeting (“aGm”) and extraordinary General meeting (“eGm”)

The Company’s AGMs and EGMs remain the principal forum for dialogue and communication with shareholders, in particular private
investors. Shareholders are encouraged to attend each AGM and EGM and given suffcient time and opportunity to participate in
the proceedings, ask questions about the resolutions being proposed and the operations of the Group, and communicate their
expectations and possible concerns. Presentations will also be given by the President/CEO to brief shareholders on project updates
or proposals for which the approval of shareholders is being sought. All Board members, Senior Management and the Group’s
external auditor as well as the Company’s adviser are available to respond to shareholders’ questions during the AGM/EGM as the
case may be. In accordance with the Articles of Association, voting at general meetings will be conducted by show of hands or by
poll if so demanded by the shareholders or Chairman of the meeting. Poll voting will be carried out in resolutions involving related
party transactions as required by the listing requirements of Bursa Securities.

5.2 communications between the company and investors

The Company values the importance of having effective communication with its shareholders and investors.

Information disseminated is clear, relevant and comprehensive, which is timely and readily accessible by all stakeholders. Effective
communication channels with the Company’s shareholders, stakeholders and the public are maintained through the dissemination
of press releases, press conferences, timely announcements and disclosures made to Bursa Securities.

The Company’s Investor Relations Department plays an important role in providing ongoing updates on the Group’s development
activities and conducting regular dialogues and discussions with fund managers, fnancial analysts, shareholders and media. These
meetings provide a vital avenue and direct channel of communication where fnancial analysts and institutional fund managers can
gain a better understanding of the businesses and direction of the Group; enter into constructive dialogues and discussions based
on the mutual understanding of objectives; and where relevant feedback is factored into the Company’s business decisions. Media
are also invited to attend the Company’s major events and property launches where briefngs are given on the relevant projects.

During the fnancial year, the Company continued to participate in investor conferences/roadshows locally and abroad and had 124
meetings with 265 fnancial analysts, brokers and fund managers. A total of 21 local and foreign research houses and brokerages
contribute to the Bloomberg earnings estimates for the Company.

A press conference is held after each AGM where the President/CEO, Deputy President/Chief Operating Offcer and Chief Financial
Offcer together with the relevant Senior Management would advise the media on the resolutions approved by the shareholders and
brief the media on the operations, performance and fnancial results of the Group for the year under review and clarify issues and
answer questions posed by the media. As such, the press conferences are intended not only to promote the dissemination of the
fnancial results of the Group to as wide an audience as possible, but also to keep the investing public and shareholders updated on
the progress and development of the business of the Group.

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