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30 auGust 2013
reneweD hoPe for wisma haraPan

The children and adults of Selangor and Federal
Association for the Mentally Handicapped in Wisma
Harapan, Kuala Lumpur will now have a much better place
for learning and training with the donation of RM80,000
from the Foundation to refurbish and renovate the
premises. The 35-year-old building was also given a new
coat of paint by the S P Setia Foundation Volunteers Club.

10 octoBer 2013
PromotinG vocational traininG

Ten deserving girls from the YWCA Vocational
Opportunity Training Centre received a
sponsorship for a residential training course
courtesy of the Foundation. The sponsorship
amounting to RM80,000 covers training,
accommodation, utilities, meals, uniforms
and stationeries.

12 novemBer 2013
rm50,000 for the chilDren of rumah
keluarGa kami

Children in Rumah Keluarga Kami (RKK), Kajang
will beneft from a sponsorship worth RM50,000
from the Foundation for furniture and built
in cabinets in their new bungalow home.
RKK, established in June 1990, is a home to
underprivileged, abused and abandoned children
who are in need of basic necessities such as
shelter, food, education and love.
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