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Annual Report 2013 S P SETIA BERHAD GROUP Business review | 59

1 march 2013
Gift of furniture for sJk (c) chenG & sJk (c) kiow min

Students from SJK (C) Cheng and SJK (C) Kiow Min will enjoy a more comfortable
learning environment following a RM34,000 sponsorship of furniture from the
Foundation. Both schools located in Malacca, were in dire need of new study desks
and chairs.

4 march 2013
aiD for one of saBah’s olDest schools

SRK Sacred Heart, which was established in 1903 is
one of the oldest schools in Sabah and the institution
received a donation from the Foundation comprising 150
sets of tables and chairs worth RM21,150 to equip fve

22 may 2013
welcominG aDoPteD stuDents from semenyih

The Setia Adoption Programme welcomes more students under its
wings with the expansion of the programme to Semenyih in Selangor.
A total of 180 new primary students from six schools now receive
educational assistance from the Foundation.
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