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The participation fees collected amounting to RM31,931 were donated to the Global Environment Centre
(GEC), a non-proft organisation established to address key environmental issues of global importance, such
as climate change, biodiversity and sustainable water resources.

commitment to community anD orGanisation

S P Setia also continues to invest in our own people and organisation as we believe that this is as important
as our philanthropic and community CSR endeavours. Honing the talent, creativity and execution power of
Team Setia will continue to be key to our success.

In 2013, the Group established an auxiliary police force to beneft our customers and the community. The
additional police presence in our townships will help reduce concerns among residents of crime incidents
through a more visible and frequent presence of auxiliary police personnel who will be doing their patrols

The frst cohort comprising 121 members graduated from their 9-week training session at PULAPOL
conducted by PDRM in June 2013, which was marked by a commissioning ceremony at Setia City
Convention Centre in Setia Alam.

S P Setia’s President and CEO Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin said the Group hoped to increase the number of auxiliary
police personnel to 200 within the next year and eventually to 500 and deploy them to all its various
projects located in the Klang Valley, Johor, Penang and Kota Kinabalu.

1. A new milestone was achieved
when the frst batch of S P Setia
auxiliary police were commissioned
in June 2013

2. Through the S P Setia Sports &
Recreation Club, opportunities such
as the Mount Kinabalu expedition
are made possible

3. S P Setia CEO & President Tan
Sri Liew Kee Sin with the best
personnels from the inaugural
3 batch of S P Setia auxiliary police
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