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S P Setia endeavours to integrate our role Today, our CSR initiatives encompasses both
as a corporate citizen with our day-to-day the philanthropy of the Foundation as well as
business. We are guided by our corporate the broad scope of activities that fall into the
responsibility charter, “Building Sustainable ambit of our corporate responsibility charter.
Communities for All”, which was framed in Some of our notable CSR achievements in
2007 to express our goals and aspirations 2013 are included in the following pages.
as a corporate citizen. The scope of our
commitment encompasses three areas of
interest, namely, Environment, Community TEAM SETIA HAS RAISED A TOTAL OF
and Organisation, or ECO for short. Our
focus is on promoting sustainability within RM65 MILLION FOR THE FOUNDATION,
our organisation, the communities we are FROM jUST THE ANNUAL CHARITY
engaged in and the nation at large.
Before 2007, our CSR initiatives took the
form of social work channelled through our
charity trust, the S P Setia Foundation which
was founded in 2000. Since its formation,
Team Setia has raised a total of RM65 million
for the Foundation, from just the Annual
Charity Dinners alone. In 2013, RM6.7 million
was utilised to aid the underprivileged and
deserving through a variety of programmes.
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