01.   Step to Owning a Home
02.   Private Sector Loan Application
03.   Government Loan Applicants

04.   EPF Withdrawal Procedure
05.   Payment Procedure
06.   Handing Over of Vacant Possession
07.   Joint Inspection
08.   Your Rights as a Purchaser

Letter of Handing Over of Vacant Possession
  • Upon completion of your unit, a Letter of Handing Over of Vacant Possession will be mailed to you notifying you to take vacant possession.
  • You are given 14 days from the date of receipt of the letter to settle all outstanding bills (inclusive of other charges) before collecting the house keys from the Customer Care Department/The Residence Club.
  • You will take possession of your unit after having paid all monies payable under the Third Schedule of the Sale & Purchase Agreement and all other monies due.